We offer a broad range of investment solutions including fixed income, absolute return, multi-asset and equity. We group these under three headings: absolute, income and relative. To find out more about our capabilities, please contact us.

Why absolute returns

Why absolute returns?

An absolute-return approach to investment is one which seeks to deliver positive returns (after the effects of inflation). Unconstrained by an index, an absolute-return strategy may perform independently of asset market movements and seek to protect capital in times of market uncertainty.
Why equity income

Why equity income?

We understand the importance of income and capital protection for long-term investors. We believe a focus on income is key, as dividends form an essential component of a stock’s return. Additionally, as economies of different countries become increasingly intertwined, we think a global mindset is invaluable for long-term investors.

How do we manage relative return strategies?

We think the outlook for investors looks more challenging than in the past, and we anticipate generally lower returns and greater volatility in financial markets in the years ahead. Against this backdrop, we believe it is critical to achieve perspective on the investment landscape. We seek to do this by using our global investment themes, which aim to identify the major forces of change in the world and the associated areas of opportunity and risk.

What makes us different?

We are active investors. We think globally, using themes. We conduct proprietary global research. We invest responsibly.

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Why global?

Newton’s investment philosophy is based upon its conviction that no company, market, or economy can be considered in isolation; each must be understood in a global context

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Our global credentials

We are global specialists and we have been managing global equity, bond and multi-asset strategies for over 30 years

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